Top Clamp Question

I just picked up a set of fatbars and an applied racing top clamp for my 426. The bar clamps on the applied top clamp can go two ways...positioning the bars a little fwd of, or the same as the stock position. Will the position of the bars have an effect on how the bike turns? I'm thinking that by installing the bar clamps in the fwd position, it will force more of my rather substantial weight over the front wheel and help the front end stick little better...thoughts?

Go for the max offset - I think it will be a welcome change. In my case, I can't say it helped me turn better but your "more weight forward" logic sounds reasonable. You can always switch back to the stock position if it doesn't work out. I have my fat bars offset about 1-3/8" forward and 1-3/8" upwards (rather extreme) and I love it. I also have my footpegs offset 1-1/2" rearward and 5/8" downward, which is probably why I didn't notice a difference in turning (my cg is probably still about the same). I wanted to create more space for my lanky 6'-4" arse so my bars wouldn't feel like they were going to bounce off my knees when going through big whoops. Initially the setup felt strange, and I was concerned that it would affect handling, but after the first 30 minutes it felt completely comfortable.


Tanks for the input. I'll let you know how it works.

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