Clutch Cable woes

Hi All!

I've recently bought a '97 XR 600 that's in fairly good shape with a motor that's been ovehauled from top to bottom. Currently I'm using it for commuting to and from work in heavy traffic. Due to a VERY stiff clutch cable I only regain usage of my left hand at about noon :-)

I've driven a XT 600 almost 1.5 years ago so it might be that I have to get used to it again?

Anyhow, how do I adjust the clutch cable to be a bit more gentle on the arm muscles?


U got a bad cable. When they wear out, the cable itself cuts through the liner, then starts to cut through the cable housing itself. They will keep working for an amazingly long time, but get harder and harder to pull. Check out Rocky Mountain ATV/MC for the Terminator cable. It has a teflon liner that makes 'em easier to pull than stock. They're cheap ($17.60 for your bike) and easy to install. Basically, adjustment is done primarily at the lever. The cable goes thru a threaded sleeve where it attaches to the (hand) lever. Adjustment should be set so that there is a small amount of free play in the lever, like 1/8 to 1/4 inch. This keeps the clutch components in the engine case from constant wear when the clutch lever isn't being pulled.

Thanks a lot! I'll give it a try.

is that common with an xr650l with a real hard clutch pull? she has a lil over 8000 miles

just for fun, there's a cable with a small device attached to it available from Moose which reduces the clutch pull from 30-40%. i don't know if it's available for your model and year, but it helps if you're tired of getting arm pump from clutching. just thought i'd add this. by the bye, if anyone has one, please let me know.


The clutch cable on my 02 XRL is quite hard to pull. I bought another cable but haven't gotten around to changing it yet. Hopefully the new cable fixes the problem.

BobbySands mentioned the Moose clutch lever perch, I think it's called the E Z Pull. MSR has one that is three way adjustible for clutch pull as well. These things do reduce lever effort by increasing lever travel. They would give improved clutch feel as well, but require a longer pull on the lever.

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