Flywheel weight conversion

Can anyone tell me what a 6.2kg Yamaha flywheel weight weighs? I'd like to know how much heavier than stock it is. I'm looking for a complete flywheel for woods riding. Thanks in advance

I think you must be mistaken on that size. I just did the conversion to ounces and it comes out to 218.6985641 ounces so in pounds that is 13.6686603 lbs. Flywheel weights normally range from 6-14 oz. Hope this helps. :D

No he's not mistaken. Yamaha makes two GYT-R flywheels, one a 6.2 kg/cm2, and the other a 1.4 kg/cm2. But that isn't their weight, it's the inertia mass, or the actual amount of flywheel effect they have.

To answer the question, the lighter GYT-5TA97-50-00 racing flywheel (the one I have) is close to 5 oz heavier than stock. The heavier, 6.2 kg/cm2, GYT-5TA97-50-50 Off-Road flywheel is around 7.5 oz over stock.

For MX, run the lighter GYT-R, or the 6oz Dr.D. For the woods, use the Off-Road GYT-R, or the 8oz Dr.D.

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