So what after market pipes are below 96db?

I have an 05 WR 450 and want some more grunt but don't want to exceed 96 db since I live in California. Is it worth getting a pipe? What do you suggest?

FMF Q and FMF Q2 are ones I know are. There are others too but I don't have any experince with them.

Fmf Power Core 4 With $20 Quiet Insert! :D

FMF Q 94dbs. Two riding seasons later, still 94dbs. :D

How much more performace do you get with the FMF vs the stock pipe?

im gonna have to get the fmfQ.The series i race in (AMCA) is introducing a 94dbs limit for next year, and its motocross on a track not woods or enduro!

Keep in mind... 94db is still LOUD AS HELL !

Good luck on your choice.

You can't go wrong with either the FMF Q2 or the White Brothers E2 both are good pipes and will pass the 96db sound requirement in California. I'm running the WB E2 and I'm happy with the quiet sound lost a little on the bottom end but runs strong mid range.

Keep in mind... 94db is still LOUD AS HELL !


"Loud" is a subjective standard. Your "loud" is different than mine, is different than someone else's. Or should we just adopt your definition?

I run an orginal FMF Q . Compared to the stock pipe with the insert in it's way better on performance. Stock pipe with the insert out is better than the Q.

my experience of loud is like blown standard muffler loud!, its an evil noise! :D

What is the difference between the Q and the Q2. Also, FMF adds say that the Q is at 96dbs not 94. The power core 4 I think is at 98dbs. :D

I still have not up graded to a new pipe, but I am considering the Q or the Yoshi slip on :D

I've heard that White Bros E2 is a nice option.

I've heard that White Bros E2 is a nice option.

How does the e2 help with the bottom end grunt???

How does the e2 help with the bottom end grunt???
It doesnt. Especially with the quiet end in. Plus, if you run the 'open' end cap, the spark arrestor must come out. My buddy puts a GYTR spark arrestor in his with the open cap in. Nice sound, decent power. Not all that impressed over all. It doesnt put out anywhere near the power of my GYTR , but it is much quieter.

Thanx for the info. I'll rule that one out.

Bandit I went with an Fmf powerbomb header, with an Fmf powercore 4, and I noticed an insane gain in performance. A lot more torque down low too. Keep in mind every 3 db the sound doubles. So 96 db isnt a little louder than 93, its double.

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