Rear Tire size?

Is anyone running a 120/100/18 on there pig, and if so, how does it fit? Does it clear the swingarm, and chain w/ no problem?

It fits just fine. I mounted a Kenda K760 Trakmaster II 120/100-18 last night. Got it on on the first try, no pinched tube or anything. I'm running a 15-45 sprocket set with a 110 link chain, so my axle is pretty far back in the swingarm. The tire clears on the brake side by about 3/4" and over 1" on the chain side. It rides smooth and quiet on the highway too. It did raise the seat height a bit, about an inch or so due to the taller profile of the tire. Not a problem as I'm 6'7" 250lbs. Rocky Mountain ATV/MC has them for $37!


Ted K.

I run 120/100/18 Maxxis Desert ITs currently. They are a bit of a squeeze to get them in, but once bolted up fit fine.

I'm running the Kenda Enduro 140/80/18 without any clearance problems. It is one fat tire.

Have a Dunlop 739 AT 120/100-18 with 13/50 sprockets and 110 link chain. Fits fine with just a little rubbing on the mud flap, but its beat-up too.

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