Friday the 13th

Every Friday the 13th my buds and I go riding. Some times it happens only once a year, sometimes three time a year. It's a great excuse to dich work and ride. This is one of those years where it happens only once, and it's in April.

Anyone in the SoCal area care to join us? We don't know where yet, just when. Not in the SoCal area? Ride anyway.

It's bad luck NOT to ride on Friday the 13th! :)

I'm in So Cal too, so the 13th or someother time would be great. I definately need some new riding partners.



I got that job in Irvine that I was trying for. I'm going to have to commute from San Diego for a month or so before I can afford to move up there. I would guess that it also will take me a couple of months to get a vehicle to tow my bike with since my Civic just won't cut it and my Father won't let me have his Jeep and trailer that I normally use. I'm guessing that I'll probably leave my bike in San Diego until I can get something to haul it with. It's kind of a pain in the ass situation that I'm getting myself into with my bike and moving but for a 100% increase in pay how can I not do it?

I'll email you sometime if I can ride up in the area soon. I blew out my knee at Ocotillo this past weekend so I'm going to give it some time and invest in a brace before I head out again anyways.



When in doubt, GAS IT!

Here it comes! We are going to Miller Canyon to try to cross Deep Creek. I hear it's real deep right now so it should be fun.

Anyone going with us? Harold? Mark? Anyone??

Ron, I'm interested. Only thing is...the water's likely to be freezing, and my WR doesn't want to drown.

How deep is deep?



You better still pick me up on Sat. morning!! I don't want to sit out there all day cause you're to tired from ditching work and going riding on Friday. Okay, Just kidding!! I'm just jealous that I can't bail work on Friday and make it a 3 day riding weekend too. Have a fun safe ride and I'll See you Sat. morning!!



When in doubt, GAS IT!

Right on RAZOR!

To anyone interested in going: We are meeting at the McDonnalds parking lot, located at the intersection on Interstate 15 and the 138, at 7:00a.m. sharp this Friday.

I understand the creek is deep right now and I'm not sure it's a good idea to cross it, but ya never know. If not, no big deal. Lots of great riding on either side of the creek. Bring warm gear, if we cross the creek we could get up to 8000 feet.

A word about the US Forest Service: A "Forest Adventure Pass" is, supposably, required to park your car/truck in the staging area at Miller Canyon. Without getting to into it here, I personally do not participate in the Adventure Pass program (ie - I don't buy one). Forest Adventure Passes are available for purchase ($5) at many locations. If you choose not to purchase a pass, you will NOT be the only one. For more information about this, please go to

That being said - Lets Ride!

Khris, I will be there Sat morning! I'm looking at a map just to make sure I know where you will be, and it does not show the names of all the roads. Is the road we are meeting at just east of Bessemer Mine Road? I'm 99% sure it is but I just want to make sure. Thanks.

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Piece of cake. I could not get the mapquest thing to work - I think the smilie screwed it up - but I know exactaly where Hobbit is. Ya know, that's only about a mile or so from where we will start riding from. Small world. The place I stage at is a road called Ye Old Ghost Road. It's by a big pile of bolders on the north side of the 247.

I've got your cell number - here's mine: 714-801-7213. Why not just kick back in the cabin and I'll call you when I'm at Quailbush? It beats sitting at the side of the highway. :)

Oh yeah,

To anyone who is planning on joining us on Friday's ride - if your running late call me on my cell phone at 714-801-7213.


Yeah, I have no idea where that smilie came from. Whatever, I guess it easier anyways since you know right where Hobbit is. I'll still cruise out to the highway at 9:00 just in case my phone doesn't get coverage out there. (I've never had it out there) I know right where those large piles of rocks with the spray painting is. I've heard they have trials competitions on those occasionally. That road name sounds familiar. I guess I could probably just ride down to the trail head instead of putting the bike in your truck if it's that close.



When in doubt, GAS IT!

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Okay, I'm computer illiterate but I just tried this and it worked. This garbage below is the web address for the map on mapquest. I was able to highlight the entire line and copy/paste it in my address bar. You should then be able to zoom out and figure out where it is. It's between Manzanita and Hobbit. On the map it's labeled and it's the road that pretty much turns 90 degrees into 247. The cabin I'll be camping at is actually on Quailbush about 2 minutes of the highway but I'll definately meet you at the road. Definately email me if you don't think you'll find it. If worse comes to worse maybe I can meet you at lunch tommorrow and show you on a map exactly where it is but as long as this link works, You'll be fine. Could you respond to this and let me know if that map worked?


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Ron (Razor),

Just wanted to say thanks for showing up on Friday. Too bad more did not show. I had a great time blasting around on my favorite trials with you and Mike. Deep Creek was an experience, eh? The trail conditions, with all the standing water and traction, not to mention the lack of dust, was some of the best I've seen.

I looked at the helmetcam video of the creek crossing and it's way cool. Can't wait to digitize it!

Good news - I just figured out that we have another Friday the 13th coming up in July. Anyone out there up to taking the day off to have a blast?

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