Hidden Costs to Dual-Sport a YZ426


So besides the obvious lighting and electrical kit, what other expenses can I expect trying to convert a YZ426 (2002) to a dual sport.

Quite Pipe?


DOT tires?

anything else?

Well depending on your state you will need at least the folowing

1. WR 426 stator and flywheel from www.electrexusa.com $300

2. Voltage regulator $20. www.electrexusa.com

3. Brake pressure switch $15 www.electrexusa.com

4. Headlight of your choice. I use the Acerbis Blitz because it used Std. Home low voltage lighting MR-16 bulbs that you can get anywere. Headlight costs about $75. www.rockymountainmc.com

5. Acerbis Mirror $15 www.rockymountainmc.com

6. Tailight. bajadesigns makes an awsome Led unit for $50. Acerbis makes a Led one also. I have never seen the Acerbis one in person though. Led is definately the way to go. www.bajadesigns.com

7. Kenda Trackmaster DOT tires $75 thru www.rockymountainmc.com

8. Might want a kickstand also. There are several good ones out there. Trail tech and Promotobillet make one.

Then all you may need is some wire and toggle switch for the high low beam headlight. If you are required to use blinkers then you will need the blinkers, blinker relay, and switch.

Thats about it.


Thank you. That is the most comprehensive list of parts and prices.... just what I needed! :D:D

Don't forget to change your oil once a week. I've thought about a DS kit before, but I don't want to do that much maintence every so many miles. If I were going to make a dirt bike a dual sport, I would try to find a good used XR. But, good luck anyway.

Hopefully its only going to be used around town.

YZ426's dont make very good highway cruisers. :D

wouldn't it over heat at lights?

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