I am thinking about getting a 02 400sx . I need a bike that is reliable, good low end power , very tough, and can handle lots of motocross and lots of extreme off road riding. Is this the bike for me?

Happy trails,


JD, the 02 400sx is a great machine! I have the 400, and have friends with 520's and we all race MX at all different skill levels, from vet novice to Pro. We all win or place consistently in the top three of our classes on any given weekend

of racing. I would like to say that the KTM's have definitely helped to make it an easier task for us tired old vet motocrossers. Erik


So Cal Erik

Visit my club's site at <A HREF="http://www.ruts.org

" TARGET=_blank>www.ruts.org


Thank you Erik.

Happy trails

(PS)Do you know of any for sale 2000 or newer?

Try dirtrider.net in the KTM forum, or try the for sale forum and place a "wanted" ad there. Have fun! Erik

I have a '01 520sx for sale. Its mint, Factory Connection Suspension, steel oil filters, New Tires, gold chain, renthal rear sprocket, oil changed every ride... asking $5800obo...radodig@aol.com

On 9/17/01 there was a 2000 400 SX in the classifieds on the AMA D-23 web site. The ad says still on 1st tank of gas! For $4200/obo http://www.armca.org/classifieds.html

Just read the add don't know anything about it.

Be aware the 2000 400sx was a 4 speed. It's the ONLY RFS bike that I've seen people have trouble "moving". That said, I've talked to one person who converted his bike to 6 speed. He said it was about a $500 job. So if it was a nice bike at a VERY good price...might be a good project! :)


Chris in the Mojave

'01 520 MXC

'01 200 MXC

'00 CR250R

'01 KX85

Does anyone know how fast the 2000 400sx 4 speed will top out at? How reliable was the 2000 400sx?

Happy trails,


(PS)Thank you guy's for all your help :)!

Is $4600 for a hardly used 2001 400sx a good deal?

Thanks guy's,



$4600 is a good price for a 400, but...I've got a 00 520SX up for $4400. My trailer was hit by an uninsured, and I need money to get a new one until the court case goes through. I'm selling it for cheap since I need the money quickly.

It has Pro Circuit suspension, Scotts SS oil filters, and KTM graphics. The worst part is I've only put about 45 hours on it since it was new. The 520 is a little more powerful than the 400. The 520 is also a 4 speed (all years). Weight is within a couple of pounds of the 400, also.

If you're interested, I'm at baxterj787@yahoo.com or 310.781.5860


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