WR450F & CRF450X. Weight & Handling???

Hey guys. Can someone tell me please the difference in weight and handling between this two bikes, on there homepage it says that the WR wiegths 249.1lbs and the 450X 250lbs. The thing is that my friends that own a CRF450X say that the honda is a much lighter bike than the WR and also that it handles way much easier. So I please need all your comments since im just about a week from buying one of this two bikes. My riding will be 100% desert, since is where I live. Thanks...

Both are great.. Pick a color and find a good dealer in your area.. :D

Both are close in weight with the WR being the lighter of the two. So say the mags when both were tested earlier this year. WR also made a couple more hp.

They must be thinking of the earlier year WR's which were heavier and more top heavy.

Don't know which is lighter but I would sure like to have a 249lbs. WR450.

As you've posted this in the Yamaha YZF/WR forum, expect a slightly skewed response. Not having ridden the 450X yet, I'd be hard pressed to make an unbiased comment. However, based on my research and experience with the WRs, I'm impressed with the performance (after some modifications) and the long-term reliability. My concern with Honda will continue to be long term maintenance and reliability issues relative to the valves, specifically.

The wr is bike of the year for 05 over the 450x and the 450exc. More power, better handling and the least amount of maintenance ( mainly the valves ).

So, like Dan_Lorenze said, pick a color and find a good dealer. I went from red to blue. Great choice. :D

Myself,I'm considering one of these two bikes as well.To me,valve maintenance seems to be the main issue.Honda=valve inspection and adjustment every 100 miles or so[read the 450x forum].Yamaha=valve service about once a year.The question is what do you like to do,work on a bike or ride it?

But I have to be honest,I've owned 4 YZ 2strokes,two of which I still have.Also I've considered the 05 X is a new design.Time has proven to let them work their problems out for a year or two[unfortunately at some one elses expense]before buying one.

And,Oh Yeah,I was sitting on a 06 WR yesterday and was thinking"they call this top-heavy?" It seemed like heaven to me,but then I'm used to a 300+lbs bike.

No. The R's are not top heavy. In fact, I think they're quite flickable for a big thumper. I rode an xr400 for 3 years before the wr, and that was top heavy. More like riding a chimney with wheels. Don't get me wrong. The xr is a good bike, and I still have it, but when I rode my cousins wr-I HAD TO HAVE ONE! I can go on about the differences...don't get me started. But before I bought the wr, I was also shopping for a 450x and the 450exc. I made the best choice More power and better handling than the others, and did I mention it was bike of the year for 05? :D

I have to say that I have always been a Honda fan and had been waiting patiently for the 450x to come out. But I heard that the valves required constant tweeking. The exc was another fussy bike. It's not that I was trying not to buy the wr first, but I will admit in the beginning it was not my first choice. But in the end it was the best choice. :D

I have to agree with you rush, when I went bike shopping I could by any bike I wanted,after much research on this forum and many others , and I am a honda fan , I bought the wr and made the right choice... :D all the worlds a stage...

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