check yer timing plug!!

So check out this near calamity. I am in Chico, doing a 100+ mile ride in the nearby hills. I'm having a great day, my bike is running strong, I'm feeling like there should be a camara crew watching me rip it it up(okay maybe we all feel that way sometimes). So the day goes by without a hitch, both me and my buddy are getting pretty tired, we had already logged close to 100 miles and were really low on gas so we knew we should head out. My buddy has an XR400 with the 4 gallon tank, and my 01 WR426 can go about 110 on one tank (although I brought fuel canister of fuel 1qt). Anyways on gas we were prepared, HOWEVER....

I am in front about 1/2 mile, and I get to a fork in the road, so always we wait until we have eyesite of each other to proceed. While I was waiting I look down at my boots for no particular reason and see that my left boot is all shiny and dripping. Hmmm, I havn't gone through any water...? I look behind and see the tell tale sign on drips as far as the eye can see.

I shut the bike down immediatly and think "maybe I didn't tighten the drain bolt when I changed the oil this morning?" But I normally check and recheck that type of thing. Then I notice the side of the Crankcase was missing a plug. One which I never, ever have touched. Your timing plug on the WR/Yz is about the size of a nickel (on the left crankcase cover). Be sure to check it once in a while as I never thought twice about it! This resulting in my buddy towing me 11 miles out of BFE, calling the wives to drive an 1hr to pick us up. And me having to drink mass quantities of booze during the wait. :D That was the saving check yer plug.

Last time I rode I noticed the wet spot around the plug. It was only 2-threads holding it on!!

Good post, you'd think they would put it on tighter at the factory.

I was out ridin with my bro and i just happened to look at his motor and his timing cover was gone.We luckily were right by his truck.It's to bad you were so far away.

Can you threadlocker or silicone it in place? This seems to be a common malady... :D

Somehow my larger plug came loose one time. I guess it just wasn't snug enough the last time I put it on, so I just tightened it up a little. Luckily I saw it loose before it fell out.

Can you threadlocker or silicone it in place? This seems to be a common malady... :D

Well here is the deal, although the crankcase cover is magnesium, the plug is just cheap ol' plastic. Unfortunately I already ordered my stock replacement before doing some research. There are some after market billet plugs that you can buy for a bit more $. If I would have known I would have done that so I could just torque the biatch down without having to worry. Live and learn....

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