I seem to be a New Topic posting fool.

Anyone played with the shifter on the 520's?

I keep missing 2nd, I just can't get the throw! Had that problem with my KX and my CBR street bike too - always missed 2nd, until I lowered the shifters even with the pegs, or slightly below the peg on my CBR. Also I always smack down on the shifter, coming into turns, and popping it into neutral. My feet, boots, and legs are too big! I want to LOWER the shifter to level with the peg, but, um, the design makes that impossible. If it's lowered, it impacts the frame before the shift engages. Hmm. I'm contemplating welding on a little, contoured block under the shifer to assist with the upshifting, and hopefully stop the missed 2nds. Doesn't help with the accidental neutral downshifts though.....ideas, recommendations? I'd like not to have to spend the money on a shifter, if I can help it (yeah, I'm cheap...saving up for that top end in 3 years, better start saving, eh?)


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I have the same problem with upshifting to second. I tried moving the shifter down one notch on the shaft but ridges on the shaft are so wide apart that the shifter is moved WAY TO FAR down that you can't use it.I'm thinking of heating it and bending down slightly. Good Luck

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