should i buy it?

I found a 92 xr600 with a freshly new built engine for $800 is that a good deal for this bike?...also what all will i need to add to the stock bike to make it street legal?

Well the price seems pretty good. But for the street legal part, i just tried to plate my 2000 Xr650r, and they said i can't make it street legal no matter what and they won't even inspect it if I get a dual sport kit, because it doesn't have a factory sticker on it that says it meets highway requierments...... So i think i'm gonna sell it....It sucks, but i'd check into it before you buy it, because the laws are different between state's.

Pretty much any year Honda XRR that's in decent condition will fetch more than $1K. If the seat, plastics and rims are in also in acceptable condition for their age and I was in the market for the (retired) king of Baja, I'd go for it.

Just be sure not to try and keep up with any of the XR650R's. :D:D

I second that ^, i almost cried when i first rode my Xr650r, once it's uncorked it pulls like a rocket. My 94 xr 600 compared to this xr650r seemed like a 250 sportbike and a Liter bike.

Impala, pull out all the stops on exploring ways of getting it plated.

I liked the idea of getting one of your relateds to plate it in another state and then 'sell' it to you.


I was gonna do that ^, but the CO rider's said you need the bike present just to do a VIN inspection in CO, and i can't do that.

I don't know the details but I have an aquaintance that has a big motorcycle hobby, dirt and street and an RV. and because you can liscense something for life in Montana he created a corporation in Montana and titled his wrf, and DRZ 400 there with just minimal equipment and was living in TN at the time, (now lives in AZ) I don't know the details but he did that b/c renewing all the liscenses yearly was expensive for 4 street, 2 dirt, 1 RV as well as 3 cars. but it was the dirbike liscensing that got my attention. Maybe someone can shed more light on the idea.


Maybe someone can shed more light on the idea.

from what I understand of that process (my parents are from montana) you have to have a physical adress in Montana where you get bills/mail/etc so that you can be considered a "full time" resident. Thats probably why he started a corporation up there, gives a plausable excuse, that and the vehicles can be registered under the company name, and being that the company is a Montana company, they are montana vehicles no matter where they are. Schlumberger is starting to do this with a lot of their oil field vehicles, their home office is in Texas, so a lot of their crane trucks/wireline rigs are starting to have Texas registrations.

They are really starting to crack down on out of state registrations from what I hear.

I'm sure there is lots of info on the states website if you look for it.

edited because my brain isn't working correctly today and I wanted things to sound clearer if possible.

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