250 SX or 520 EXC

I am considering buying a 520EXC. I have mostly owned two stroke motorcross bikes but have on occasions ridden the odd four stroke (Husabergs, Yamaha etc). I ride in natural terrain areas. Top speed doesn't concen me but hard acceleration from point to point does. What concerns me is the weight factor and reliability. Has anybody out there recently moved from 2 to 4 strokes and what was the result.



There is a huge difference between the 520 EXC and the 250 SX. The 520 has an incredibly smooth powerband, with an enormous amount of top end speed.

You may want to consider one of the two-stroke EXC models such as the 380 or 300 if you like the powerband of a two-stroke (especially if your looking for quick acceleration from point to point).

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