400exc prices??

I was at a KTM dealer here in ohio close to where I live and was looking into the KTM 400exc. He quoted me at like 7000 bucks for this bike(for a '02) is this right??? seems a little high to me, but i am really interested in the bike, I am small and have a DRZ right now, love the bike but is is a little to heavy for my taste. How is the power comparing the 2 bikes? I ride everything but mx tracks right now, but i would like a bike that is capable for occational track use. Any help would be great, thanks

lansing cycle in lansing mi. told me

7200 otd for a 02 exc 400

The price is in line. Some dealers are getting MSRP while some are as low as $6400 (before tax, I saw the reciept) on that bike. I'm not sure what MSRP is on the '02 but it has to be $7400 or so.

This is still no light weight bike. It's very light for a 4 stroke electric start bike with lights but, for a small person, it'll be a pain to drag out of any mud. I'm sure it's lighter than the DRZ but I don't know by how much. I don't notice the extra weight of about 20lbs over my 99 250EXC while riding but I'm 6'2" 205lbs in street clothes and in good shape.

I'm a woods rider so I don't jump much. However this weekend while course marshalling at a hare scrambles at the Millville, MN national track, I hammered, for me, some big jumps. Singles and tabletops. The bike impressed me with how easy it was to control in the air and no bottoming even on some pretty hard landings. I've got stiffer springs in both ends.


John Brunsgaard


01 400 EXC, 99 250 EXC (gone), 99 200 EXC, 98 125 EXC, 98 380 MXC (long gone)

I have a 2001 400 mxc with an E tank 400 miles adult trail ridden and thoroughly maintaned for sale bought 2002, M/C has new Michelins, freshly serviced and ready to ride priced firm at $5800.00 1-304-485-3374 leave message. Please no tech nut calls I'm looking for a buyer

I still have my DRZ400E and would love to sell it. I bought a 02 520 exc and let me put it this way, if the DRZ had 38.8 HP like the reviews say, then the KTM has 85 HP. The DRZ is a nice bike, but the KTM is 25-30 lbs lighter, and will kill it!!!

I have visited Thumpertalk for over a year, waiting, studying, trying to decide which bike was right for me. I have been waiting to get another bike since I sold my pathetic dual-sport 4 loooong years ago (HOW PATHETIC YOU ASK? '85 KLR 250!) When the WR426 came out I was convinced that this was the bike for me. I'm glad that I didn't have the money a year ago! Finally on Thursday night I took delivery of my brand spankin' new 02 EXC 400. It is simply a piece of artwork! Beautiful. Thursday night I sat in the garage all night and stared at it, lovingly installed my EE skid plate and Acerbis Rally Pros, and other goodies. I heard from two dealers that the MSRP is $7098.00 on the '02 E/XC 400. I live in San Antonio. The KTM dealer here in town is just a rude guy with a hole in the wall for a shop that doesn't seem to stock anything! No parts, no new bikes, nothing! Down in south Texas the demand is so high for thes bikes, and the supply is so short that the dealers have no incentive to discount the MSRP. I haven't seen anybody trying to gouge people on prices, but they sure won't haggle on them. I went to TJ's Cycle Sales in Austin. I bought my sons Adventure Senior 50cc (wish we would have waited for the new ones!) there 6 months ago and they were super cool.

They'll treat you right. He held a bike for me for a week on the promise that I would come up with the money. Well the bottom line is (don't laugh) I paid just under $8000 out the door. Sure I could have waited till January and shopped around to save $600 or so. But to me after waiting for almost 20 years to have a great bike, it was worth it. He did give me a fair discount on some gear I bought to go with it though. It was worth every penny. If you live around San Antonio e-mail me and lets go ride!

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I bought a 02 400exc last month and am loving it... :) I bought it for 7375 before taxes just because I didn't want to be on a waiting list. I bought it from Fay Myers in Denver whom was asking 7600. I found the same bike in Colorado Springs for 7175, but the waiting list was 6 guys deep and they had no bikes. So I used that price to get Myers down to 7375. They wouldn't dicker at all prior to bringing them the quote from Apex Sports in Colorado Springs. I wanted the bike now and money wasn't a problem. I would have paid the 7600 if I had to... :D Demand is still high for the 02 bikes, but KTM is worth the wait and the money...

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