swap two 300exc's for a 400?

I have two (yep, TWO) 2000 ktm 300exc's. Both are in excellent shape. Both have fmf pipes - everything else is stock. I have the original stock pipe, the tool kit, the carrying case, and the shop manual for one of them.

Would a dealer think I was nuts if I asked to swap both of them dead even for a new (2001 or 2002) 400exc? I'm thinking the 300exc's are worth about $3800 each so that would be a total of $7600 which should cover the cost of a new 400. Am I wrong?

The 300exc's are very quick but I miss that low end grunt of my drz400 - heck, I'm too old to push these bikes or ride them fast like they should be. But I still enjoy that nice easy trail ride with my kids with an occasional "destroy that berm". I'm not going back to that tank drz400 (I broke my back (literally) on that thing) so I'm thinking it's 400exc time.



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