Red Hot 450..Is this normal

:D Just got in off of the firtst ride on my WR and the exhaust was RED hot near the head.

Anybody ever come in when its near dark out and see the same thing?

This is my first Thumper and any heads up about em would be appreciated. I took the restrictor out of the canister and ground the throttle stop before I ever rode it. Hope that doesn't mean trouble.

Also, I ordered a 45 tooth sprocket since I am planning on streeting this bike. Anybody ever run a 45?

Yep!!!! No worries! :D

Thanks guys. Figured it was OK just wanted to make sure. Thanks for the Info links ovrrdrive.

Have you replaced the needly that comes, in the carb. when it's new, if you haven't there should have been a needle and jet, replace the needle with the one that comes in the care package richen- it- up a couple of slots and replace the jet, that should help a little with the red hot pipe.

One word of advice, When you are warming up your bike before you change your oil, do not touch the pipe with your knuckle when you are taking out the screw on the front of the bike. I touched it for a half of a second and it cinged the skin right off of my knuckle. I still have a scar 3 months later. Then when you are loading your bike after a ride, dont grab the pipe either. You'll learn also to not wear jeans while riding, they tend to hold the heat in from the pipe. I think you'll love the four stroke, I came from many years of two-smoker experience to my 450 and I am never going back.

me and my friends always go for night rides. the header looks pretty cool at night when it's glowing. burns stuff pretty quick too, found that out last night when it incinerated a small twig that fell onto it in a matter of seconds. all i saw was burning embers, lol

Mine ran hot till I richened up the mixture with a JD Jet kit. Still pretty hot but nothing like it was with the lean factory mixture.

A 45 rear sproket? how fast do you want to go???

Mine goes about 150km/h flat out with 14/50. It cruizes nice at 100km/h.

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