KTM Dad Question

Hey Gents,

I'm actively looking for an SX-65 for my kid and it occurred to me that some of ya'll probably know a fair bit about KTMs and might be able to steer me away from potential problems.

Any ongoing problems with particular model years?

Any years particularly better or worse?

What should I be wary of in a used bike (buying new is pretty much out of the question).

Any advise would be greatly appreciated. By the way, if you know of any in/around Phoenix about to come up for sale, lemme know.



I spent this Saturday at the Track with my favorite ridding buddy and both our sons. My boy has moved up to 80's ( Kawi 85), my friends lad "Zack" is only 6 and about 45 pounds "wet", he's on a "Jr Pro" KTM...or something like that...it's a air cooled, single speed, auto clutched, 2 stroke buzz bomb. They have had nothing but problems. Both of us "Dads" ride and race MX. We take care of our stuff and understand that when you race stuff...it's going to take work. That said, I think the KTM mini's have lagged behind...that's hard for me to say....I love KTM's and have two in the garage. Zack's bike has had two clutches, a rear shock, 3 mud flaps and a pipe ( cracked, not dented ) in the past YEAR. The rear shock is not rebuildable...when the bike nears the bottom of travel in the back the tire hits the mud flap...sometimes tearing it off so the rear wheel can spray dirt on the non-rebuildable shock! The clutch just gets so hot it "cooks" the fluid, then burns it self up! He called and got "ya, that happens, you need a new clutch". We were parked at the track next to a dad with his boy on a new KTM 65 water cooled....asked him how it was holding up....he's had a bunch of problems as well. I guess what I'm getting at is you may want to look VERY CAREFULLY before you buy one of the mini's. I suggest taking a hard look at the KX-65, might be a better deal. Kawi puts a lot of effort into there mini's and we've been very happy with the KX-85.



Chris in the Mojave

'01 520 MXC

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'00 CR250R

'01 KX85

My nephew has raced KTM 65 since they were introduced with no problems. The tranny is from an old 80cc the only thing I do not like it's the quality of the plastic, but you will not go wrong with it. Also for a tall and heavy kid it's even better

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