'00 YZ426f vs. '02

OK, I just went to look at a 2002 YZ426F. I drove 2.5 hours to look at it and it looked really good, so I made a deal with this guy, loaded it up, paid him, got the title and started home. About an hour back towards home, I looked at the title a little closer, and DOH - it's a 2000!!!! :eek::D I felt pretty stupid - I had gone over that bike with a fine tooth comb. I even found a bolt missing out of the shroud and made him knock another $25 off the bike. I had even checked the VIN on the bike to make sure it matched the title, but damned if I didn't check the year! I called the guy to talk to him about it, and I truly believe that he thought it was a 2002 - he seemed pretty pissed at the guy he bought it from. He offered to pay me the difference between the 2 years according to NADA (which turned out to be $35 - whoopie!), but I feel I got a good enough deal on it that it isn't really an issue. What I am worried about is, it seems like I have read about a few problems with the early 2000's that were taken care of later in production - am I right? What do I have to worry about? Did I really get screwed on this deal, or am I OK? :D:D

The big flaw from 2000 is the woodruff key (crank key). That is what got changed/updated. As long as yours is still a tight fit in it's slot, no worries. You will also want to update the clutch with a few '01 parts, but that's it. I'll try and find the link for the clutch upgrade.

Cool. Thanks for the input. I'll check those things out.

The 2000 is a great model, a few weaknesses but nothing expensive or unsafe. Some of the clutches worked great, some didnt.

a hub exploding is safe????..just mess'n /w/ ya....you'l love it altho I highly reccomend trying 2 get ur money back.

a hub exploding is safe????..just mess'n /w/ ya....you'l love it altho I highly reccomend trying 2 get ur money back.

I considered it, but then a friend's cousin offered to buy it for $400 more than I paid for it, so I sold it - didn't own it for more than a couple of days!! The bad part is, now I have to start looking again!! :D:D:D

hahahahah nice well now you can get a new model.

Read this thread on what is needed to update the 00 model of the bike:


Now look at the VIN on the bike. The 10th digit will be the year. Y=00, 1=01, 2=02

If these codes are correct then I've got an 2000 that was advertised as a 2001 model.

Bike goes well and has been looked after by the last owner but you still feel duped by the shop selling it on commission.

They know bikes and should check them before they advertise them. I should have checked too, but the manufacturers make it hard when they don't stamp on the frame the month & year if was made.

I've had the bike for 3 months now so its a bit late to do anything about it.

Would have been nice to stay blissfully unaware, but now I know. :banghead::applause::lol:

If these codes are correct then I've got an 2000 that was advertised as a 2001 model.

I checked the VIN on my 426 and the codes appear to be correct. I wouldn't worry about it - Especially if you got a good deal. However, I agree and would be upset if someone told me I was buying an 01 or 02 of any model bike, only to find out it was an 00. (Maybe some of the late production 00's were considered 01's)

I bought an 00 426 2 years ago and haven't done any of the mods or changes. I doubt the original owner did either. I haven't had one issue. (Hope this isn't the kiss of death!)

Any year any mfg can have issues and I am sure the 1st year of any model isn't always the best it can be but I have had no problems. In my mind, Yamaha proved their reliability & engineering with 2 years of production and racing on their YZ400 anyway...

We are always looking to make things better and faster with our YZ's and this is the site for it! If you should have any problems, there is a wealth of knowledge and expertise on this site that you can search for and people who will help you out. The knowledge factor continues to amaze me! :banghead:

PS. Keep us posted on any issues you have

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