Steering Dampeners-satbilisers

Hi, I am after some info on WER steering dampeners. I like the way they are mounted below the bottom clamp. Do any of you brp riders recommend this brand if not what brand do you guys recommend and why?

Thanks Michael

I have heard very little good about the WER dampers on the big bikes. Never the less I am sure there are loyal users out there. I use the GPR units and they are quite popular. I suspect the Scott units are still the most popular. And there are new companies all the time. Some are producing quality products. I will ask a friend of mine concerning the unit he just put on his bike. It looks a lot like a Scott and seemed to be high quality also.

I don't know about any of the other brands, but I use Scotts. and I'll never ride another bike at WOT without one :D

and the why: it gives me piece of mind when blasting down a two track road at 45 or 50 mph, it also allows me to take my left hand off the bars when hauling serious ass and get a drink from the camelback without any major worries. turned the piggy from a wobbly, worn out pontiac into a brand new cadilac.

I have a forward-mount scotts on my XR400. It's the only brand I've actually tried. It makes it a lot more stable at high speeds. Also riding on rocks it's much easier to stay straight. On the fly adjustment is pretty nice, too. I plan getting one for my XR650L as soon as I can afford it. Expensive, but worth it.

Go w/ Scotts...great investment

I'm saving my $$ for Scotts......... :D

I have a Scotts Steering stabilizer. There awesome. Altough I spent a fortune because I went the expensive way with triple clamp, fat bars, forward mount, steerind head tower mount, stabilizer and odometer relocate bracket, I don't regret it at all. There such high quality. You can send them to Scotts and have them overhauled for like $35 bucks. I Race D37 and I have to say out of the people with stabilizers, roughly 70 percent are scotts 29 percent are GPR and 1 percent the other brands which allways seem to be leaking. Those RTT Dampeners Are always leaking. Just my OPINION

Got my RTT 2 weeks ago and it just started leaking. Damn!

I need to save this response as i've given it about 50 times.

I have a GPR currently, I had the scotts on my last bike(still have the damper, just havent forked over the $$$ for the mount kit, definatly have to befor The next D38 race)

The Gpr is a great feeling damper, you can feel it work. that is the greatness and the problem. oh and it has a real nice big adjuster knob so you can practice riding 1 handed.

The scotts is a "magical" damper. i say this because you never know its there it just works like magic, on when ya need it and you dont notice it's there when you dont. Just make sure to set it up properly and you'll be happy.

They are all expensive so just get the best. Trust me. if not you wanna buy a GPR with mounting kit for a 02 650R?:banghead:

oh and the ones that leak are called steering dampeners not dampers:p

Woods guys seem to like the WER unit,it does not have a constant dampening feel, it is speed sensative and only kicks in with a sharp hit. The scotts unit has continual dampening and the speed sensative feature.It can be adjusted to act like the WER also, it has more features and adjustment with the 2 dampening characteristics.I've had em both and I perfer the Scotts but all I ride is desert with the 650. I saw at Glen Helen that Kyle Lewis and Nick Wey are using a Scotts on their moto cross bikes. They back em 3 turns out from tight and set the high speed at 1 1/2 turns out from tight. They both claimed it takes the twitch out of sharp hits and the bike won't swap.

BRPIT.COM ....................... :banghead: ...Scotts............... :applause:

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