YZ450F starting problems - urgent help

race ready - but have to push start - tries to start after 6 kicks - can push start - no compression problems - using racing fuel and new hotcam - doesn't do any good if you can't start at the line - want to win this one bad!!! any

ideas??? on the road to race cross country - will check if too lean - help!!!

Your bike would kick start before the hot cam :D Is thats all you did carb. jetting ? pull slide out black plate could be upsidedown ? cam timing off a tooth ? broken cam chain tensioner ?

Have you checked the valves yet?

I have no idea what the F you are talking about. Complete, grammatically correct sentences are more efficient when trying to communicate.

sounds like he went to school with our president :D

:D bush rocks
:D bush rocks

Yea he has rocks too, between the ears! :D

Yea he has rocks too, between the ears! :D

Ditto .. :D

If it runs ok after you roll it off, it seems to be jetting to me.

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