Overseas Shipment

A quick preface: I am impatient, I want my KTM 520MXC now! This delayed gratification is killing me (not to mention being bike-less).

I've been told it will be "shipping" September 20th. Does anyone know what this means? Will it be coming by boat from Austria then to the Ohio KTM facility and then to my local dealer in Southern California?

Well dip me in **** . I sure can't wait to strap my naked body over that plush seat... ooh boy!

you know justin, this is a family oriented web page. junior member!

Now that's a theft insurance policie :)!

as you well know justin i too am impatient. the dealer you are refering to has assured me the bikes you speak of will be here the week of the 24th.

Justin, THE KTM MXC520's have arrived!

Jason is right.

My 520 MX/C arrived in the box today.

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