XR650R v 625SXC4t2005

Does anyone know if these bikes have ever been tested against each other and where they seen it? Are there any personal opinions about which one is better. I am having a hard time trying to decide. :D Again that was XR650R v KTM 625SXC4T2005 thanks.

The 625 was pieced together by KTM for the purpose of competing head to head with the XR650. I do not believe they are quite as durable as the the XR. They have weaker transmissions.

But as far as what you get for the money they are miles ahead of the big XR. Just make sure you get an 04 model of the 625. That was the last year they sold them in the USA and it also was the year they added a pumper carb to the mix. The older ones are very hard to jet properly for multi-elevation uses. They are a pretty bike too. And it is street legal.

The big XR needs no hype. It stands on it's record. It is dependable, comfortable, starts easy as long as you don't dump it. By the time you put a pumper carb on it and electric starter which the 625 comes with you will have paid about $1400.00 more and it still cannot be plated for the streets in some states.

If all your doing is riding off road go with the XR otherwise the 625 can't be beat.

There is a comparo between the XR650,KTM625 and the DR650 in the August issue of Australasian Dirt Bike magazine

Any idea what it said?

Yes I have read the issue, The 625 did have some points better over the 650R (I'm not even gonna bother bout putting the DR in the message, This is all from memory mates mag so someone might jump in and say i'm wrong) The suspension was better the motor was snappier and it had electric start and was easier on tight trails these were all things that the xr was beaten in. However the xr had more torque better reliability and was voted as seeming stronger and more comfortable than the 625. Over all the 625 won by 2% so it was a close one. I'm not gonna try to force the xr on you just cos I have one but I will say this: When choosing between the two both will be a blast to ride and both a stupidly fast so I don't think that power or speed should be the deciding factors, instead base it on:

1) the type of riding you will be doing

2) availability of parts (Honda=plenty of parts cheaper than KTM)

3) Colour & style you like

4) Distance between dealerships

5) Help are the dedicated 625 sites and helpful members like there is for the 650

I have an xr and was nearly going to go KTM but I have no regrets, happy riding

KTM has been mostly KTM dealer only here in Southern California but, now they are selling KTM's at Chaparral and Bert's auto Mall. The 2004 525MXC was 6,400 OTD at Chaparral. This will change the compatition between Japanese bikes and KTM :D

I have owned both, both need work when in new condition, the KTM has cool suspension but needs revalve like every other KTM on the planet, the LC4 motor is a 40K mile motor if properly maintained. The e button is cool and the emmisions sticker makes it registerable in all 50 states. I now ride the XR for BITD racing and love it. The KTM is not available in the states and I dont like orange. XRs are cool.

ride a ktm 1st, i love the bike, it hates me, seat is at a sharp angle, which shoves me forward, smashing my nuts, buggering my back and wrists ( yeah I'm old, piss off) they vibrate like a paint shaker at a hardware store, that said they have very high quality components, if it fits you I'd go orange, but there is a reason there are so many low mile LC4/625 bikes out there.

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