Tall seat for 520 EXC

I am attempting to go with a tall set on my 520. I am trying to avoid the whole buy the tall foam, buy the tall cover and do the re-cover job myself routine. I have wrestled with seat covers in the past and still have the scars. Does anyone out there have a line on where I can get a tall seat, foam and cover as an assembled, complete unit? Let me know.

Thanks, Chop



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You can get a complete seat fro 85.00. It is an OEM KTM product. They are currently on backorder from KTM. Should be soon. I can let you know when they come in. If your interested let me know.


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The OEM seat is great. I believe the pn is 590.07.040.000 for the EXC/MXC. Do a search on this forum and there are links to pictures, etc. It is not softer than stock. It's just as hard but hasn't caused me any issues. When I'm standing up I don't even notice it! :)

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is supose to have complete seats - not sure if they will

offer a taller version. I believe KTM

also has a complete seat avalible... but

I think it's just softer than stock. I ordered my foam from GUTS and my cover from EE. - A recover is a 2 person job but after you've done a few it's not that bad.

Good Luck,



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