yz450 shock spring for yz400

hi guys will a new yz450f spring from my pals bike able to fit into my 98' model yz400f?

cos my spring is dead and my pal's is new. thanks!

It should fit. The 06 might be different as it sounds like the shock body became bigger. You should be ok with anything from 96-05.

The 02 linkage and shock changed. The shock is 5mm shorter, spring should work. Just measure your preload again

It's not going to fit, I bought Wr400 rear shock and found that it would work on my 426 because the shock shaft was 5MM shorter and the spring's inside diameter was different than the 426's. That been said the 04 450 and 02 426 use identical shocks, other than the valving. Possibly if you buy a new lower shock collar it may.

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