Hosed cooling fan

I just put a fan on my 2001 400 exc. All seems to be well but the fan doesn't come on. The weather is cool (about 65). I crank it up and let it run for about 3-4 minutes (don't have the guts to go longer) with it sitting still... But no fan (or boil over). I can jump the 2 wires at the thermostat switch and it comes on. Should it come on and how can I check it out without toasting my motor if it's not working?

All is well. I played with it a little longer and it came on. I did run for a while (about 3 minutes)

Your fan is set to come on at 185deg be thankfull your bike runs cool and doesn't requir it to come on. Go out and ride the thing up a long slow technical hill and she'll kick on :)



"01" KTM 520 EXC

Mesa, AZ

Where did you get the fan? I would love one form my 02 520 EXE, there are these really tight trails in Stillwater OK. where I am stuck in 1st gear for about 10 min solid and the bike gets a little hot..



Go to you KTM dealer. It's an original KTM part.

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