95 XR650L with crack in frame? Any advice

I picked up a very used but nice running 650 and while looking at it late at night, I did not notice the hairline crack in the lower frame leg where the rear subframe is joined (actually two cracks)..

I noticed it was fixed and painted but it is starting to crack again.. Anyone know what type of steel this is and what the best way to fix it is?? I think it was hit by the bumper of a car.. Previous owner told me it was knocked over in a parking lot and the resulting foot peg and handle bar damage is evident.. He didn't say anything about the frame repair.

Please help as I plan to fix ASAP.

Anyone know a good welder in Central Coast???

That should be just mild steal and as long as you make it easy for the welder to get to it should be acheap fix.

it wouldnt take a master welder to do that right, pretty simple job

yeah.....real easy.....if u cant find a welder.....go to a tool and die place they should be able to hook you up for cheap if not free

Thanks for all your advice.. I am going to try finding someone on Tuesday..

However, after steel brushing the area I found the crack to be much worse than what I originally thought.. there is another split that was fixed right above the bolt for the engine mount on the left side. The tube that the subframe connects to at the bottom about 2" above that.. NOt sure what to do.. I hope a welder can reinforce this whole area. I am scared it might be trashed.. Hope not as I really want to ride this bike for a commuter to work and it runs great.. :D

My frame just under the seat on the right side cracked in the area of the gusset. I am not sure why it cracked but it did. A riding buddy that works in the fab shop for the plant that we work at welded it for me. He just used mild steel wire from his home wire feed. Sorry to hear about your frame.

on my 83 XR 500 the frame was broke in half on the left hand side. We wound up welding it back together, grinding that weld down flush and then welding a chunk of bigger pipe onto the outside of it to brace it.

Its been on there for a long damn time (can't remember for sure when it was done) and no cracks in it yet.

Just ask the welder that you find if he can gusset it or fish plate it or something, I'm sure there is a way.

Thanks, That make me feel better.. It still runs great and everything else is tight or I have replaced it (wheel bearings, handlebars, stem bearing, brakes, etc. etc. etc..)

If someone knows a good welder on the Central Coast.... Please tell me..

What about TIG welding?? I was told by my brother (experienced welder on the other side of the country) that I should request a TIG weld..

Hey I found a local welder who is doing warranty work on Honda Goldwing frames.. He said it shouldn't be problem.

Thanks again and I can't wait to get this heap (I mean fine piece of mid 90's engineering :D )on the road.

Thanks for the advice.. I asked a local dealer and was directed to a dealer that does Honda warranty work.. I took it and a day later it was done.. LOOKS BETTER THAN NEW.. THEY EVEN PAINTED THE REPAIR. Welder told me he has done 100's of these frames and mine was broken in the typical spot and was an easy fix... He said his reinforcement is stronger than the OEM welds.

All this for $50...

Thanks for the advice. :banghead::applause::lol::lol::lol:

hey, u got a pic of the crack and or repaired crack?

Here is a picture of the cracked frame on my 2000 XR650L. 

: (

I'm going to get it welded up and hope that makes it better than new.




I have never seen a XR frame cracked that bad.


That frame is f*****



Wow, how'd that happen?

I wouldn't skimp on the welding.

I don't mean just throw a bunch at it. I mean I'd be very meticulous about aligning and prepping the base metals and getting full penetration on each crack. Each sharp angle in the cracks should be rounded to prevent them from returning.

That is not an easy break to do a quality repair on.

Lets see a pic of it done.

Here is a picture of the cracked frame on my 2000 XR650L. 

: (

I'm going to get it welded up and hope that makes it better than new.


That`s twice i`ve seen them cracked there.....somebody rode that bike hard and jumped it big,,lol....high stress area...i`d get someone with alot of welding knowledge to do it or get a new/used frame..



Here is a picture of the cracked frame on my 2000 XR650L. 

: (

I'm going to get it welded up and hope that makes it better than new.


Wow that's ugly.  Hope it works out for you. 


If you really need one I have a 1996 frame for sale on eBay.  The listing ends in a couple of days, and I don't see it going any time soon. I have a clean title to go with it.   Let me know I'll get it to you cheap $400 +shipping.   The shipping will be the $$$ part.  I can get an exact price If you send me a zip code.


PM me if you're interested.



that is NOT a cracked frame... that is a broken frame! "Ride it hard, rinse and repeat" has clearly been the story of that bike's life. I would consider that frame scrap metal as it undoubtedly has numerous cracks/breaks elsewhere. Check the rear triangle under the seat... Yep, cracks a plenty. Sorry...

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