O/T K&N Air Filter and Airbox Mod on 05' F150 4.6L

Thought I would share this. I bought a K&N filter for my 05 4.6L F150 to help it breath better. I went one step further. Rather than spend $200+ on an AirRaid system I decided to modify the stock system to allow more air to enter the filter.

I drilled 9 (8 on the front and 1 on the bottom) 2" holes. This allows the box to "catch" air and the back is still solid which blocks some of the heat from the engine. There was a noticable improvement in throttle response and the last two tanks of gas averaged 2 mpg better than before the mod. I know this is minimal but it won't take long to pay for the filter plus it just feels peppier.

Here is a pic of how the box looks. $35 for the filter and about 15 minutes to drill the holes. If you have an F150 with this style airbox....I highly recommend it.


Great write-up!

I purchased a K&N FIPK kit for my 96 Explorer 5.0 last year and it helped alot, saw a 2-3mpg increase and better throttle response immideatley. Definatley worth the money. :D

HEHE SATCH, you cheap @ss.. You should have got the FIPKit from K&N. Granted that would have been more $$, hehe, but nice job on the mod. I got the FIPKit for my 02 F150 5.4L, and it eliminates the stock housing, and its only the filter hanging out there. It actually whistles like a Supercharger. I called K&N, and they said they normally get the whistle with the 4.6L motors, but occasionally, the 5.4L do the same. The reason is whistles is due to the amount of air flow that passes by the oil breather line, they said all i had to do was go purchase another pieced of 3/4" heater about 12" longer, to tame the sound. I still get a little whistle out of it, but most people who ride in it, ask it I have a supercharger on it..I laught, and say I WISH!! HEHE...

-Same here with the FPK on the 02 /5.4 I rounded it out with a nice Bassani Lightning look alike exhaust and that really woke the performance up!

HEHE SATCH, you cheap @ss..

not the first time I have been accused of that ! :D

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