WR400F 2000 tapping noise

hey im looking at buying a WR400 '00 model but what i test rode it i noticed it was making a tapping noise. the guy said that its normal for the WR's. im guessing its the valves. do they need to be adjusted? what does that consist of and how much?


They are noisey engines. Try to find another to compare it with.

i dont have another to compare to, its a private sale. ive done some reading up on it and it seams that the valves need to be adjusted quite often. the tapping sounds lke its coming from the head, so im guessing it is the valves. anyone here have any idea or have a wr400 '00 that is noisy?

any replys appreciated, i need to work out how much to offer.


I might be able to help you. I live in Richmond Va. Last Saturday (9-2) I bought a 2000 wr400f in extremely good condition. In my opinion it does not make any noises that seem out of the ordinary. I used to be a bike mechanic and I know what loose valves sound like. The previous owner had the valves adjusted by a local respected shop and he had the receipts to prove it. The bike runs perfectly and seems to be in excellent mechanical condition so I consider it a good example of what a 2000 wr400f should sound like. If you want to come and listen to it or anything else, send me an email at wmcclintic@hotmail.com. Good luck. I love the bike and I hope you find a nice one. :D

I have a full alluminum skid plate that really reflects the engine noise... mine sounds like an old mechanical singer sewing machine... but just as strong as ever, and I ride and rev the holy living s#!t out of the poor thing. :D

definatley a good Idea to compare it to anotherone though... :D

The valves tighten up over time not loosen up.

So it would stand to reason that it would make more noise if it didn't need to be adjusted.

This bike in question may have a problem. I don't know.

My bike has always sounded like a sewing machine and I have never had any problems. It sounds like all the other WR's I have seen or rode with.

I have always kept the valves in spec.

Could also be the carburator slide banging around a little, especially if the ticking is at idle and not even and consistent. How does it sound when you get the revs up?

hey guys thanks for the replys.

well yeh, this also sounds like a old sewing machine. so this is normal? also what do u mean how the valves get tighter over time not looser? so this then in theory wouldn't make it noisier?

thanks again guys

For sure it's the Valves, they've probably never been done.. They tighten up and make a clicking sound.. Very common... The good news for you is he's probably noticed the sound and thinks the bike's gonna blow so he's could be trying to get rid of it before it does... Tell him it sounds real bad and it needs some work to it and he needs to lower the price big time...

Usually when the valves are out of spec the bike likes to start with the hotstart engaged. When valves are out of spec the bike becomes a bear to start, when adjusted correctly the bike should start on the first kick.. Trust me WRs are NOT known to have a clicking sound or Tapping noise when properly setup..

I've never had my valves tighten up to the point they click. This could be what your hearing. If the valves are tightening it very easy to fix.

As the valve wears it rest higher in the seat and the gap between the lobes of the cam and buckets grow smaller. Under the buckets are shims that can be replaced to get the required gap.

Every WR I have seen has always been a little nosier compared to earlier 4 strokes.

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