valve springs

G'day everyone, how hard is it to replace your valve springs? ive got a kibblewhite spring kit and want to put it in myself, do i 'really' need a spring compressor?

also if my stock valves are ok, is there any reason to put kibblewhite ones in? or just keep the stockers?

cheers - Brett

As old as your bike is you might as well replace the guides, valves and have new valve seats cut. You cant see the fatigue or stretching on a ti valve but when it breaks the damage is going to be costly. :D

Indy, bowing to your imminent knowledge, isn't the 99 Wr Stainless and not titanium? I have heard the steel has much more longevity to it than the titanium nd does not require a complete redo as quickly. Am I off base?

I managed to get mine out by rigging up a sort of compressor with a large C-clamp and a piece of carefully cut out pipe - so that I could grab the keepers. It worked, but it was a major pain in the @ss for me. I would look into buying one for cheap at an auto parts store - I think the clamp cost me almost as much.

and yes, the valves are steel, so I would buy new OEM valves instead of the KW valves - seems like some people are having lots of trouble with them.

hmm, thanks for the input guys, the kibblewhite valves are SS, they offer white diamond for my bike, and i asked them how much for custom black diamond for my bike and they wanted about $50 a piece!, ill pull it all off, do a leak test, and if they look ok and dont leak or seem to seal ok, i may leave it, i guess its better to do it all at once though.


The stock springs work fine for me.

yeah, but i got a set of kibblewhite racing springs (kit) real cheap off ebay $75 US

so whether to go kibblewhite black or white diamond would be the next question is what i ment

When I changed the valves in my 426 (stock yammy) I also replaced the valve springs (with stock units) for no other reason that they were so cheap!

Some genuine parts are actually good value for money :banghead:

hey Hamish, hows it goin? hows ur bike? goin again? is it back to stock?

when you changed your valves, how did you know they needed to be changed? did u measure them for tolerances? or could u somehow just tell?

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