Burning My Pants

The KTM 520 burned the hell out of my pants! I remember seeing a posting about a pipe guard that will prevent this problem, but can't find it. Does anyone know about this part?

Just remember they are in Australia and the Aus Dollar is only worth half of the U.S Dollar.

I have one of these heat sheilds on my 520 and they work great.

Try Sinisalo SRX pants, they have a leather patch on the knee which prevents burns.

I burned two pairs of new Fox 360's on that darn pipe. What you want is a head pipe guard/heat shield so you'll probably have to talk to the folks at Sommer KTM in Germany. They make a nice carbon fiber guard. They're the only place I've found so far that makes one so your options are very limited. I called eline and they don't make one yet. I still can't believe that KTM doesn't have a stock guard there like every jap 4 stroke has. Here's the URL for that: http://www.ktm-sommer.de/Seiten/FS_Zub_exc4t.html

The guard is 135.00 DM and is part way down the page. I'd recommend the product.

I also have the B&B head pipe/silencer heat shield. Well worth the money.


John Brunsgaard


01 400 EXC, 99 250 EXC (gone), 99 200 EXC, 98 125 EXC, 98 380 MXC (long gone)

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