increase in performance


I know of most of all the engine upgrades for the BRP, like cylinder, piston, camshaft and so on. But I think that on an almost new engine like mine this is too drastic.

So what to do with the BRP to get the most Horsepower/Torque with standard piston, cylinder, camshaft and carb.???

Mine is an uncorked ED model.



Performance is not always mesured in top Horsepower but, where you need that horsepower. A stock bike uncorked puts about 44hp to the ground at 6,200 rpm. But, it falls off fast. Header and free flowing muffler will only add 1~2hp tops but, it adds more horsepower at 7,200 rpm then stock almost 5hp. If you are one to pull the whoops in high forth gear this can save your butt, if things get a little wild. My point is where do you need that performance? If your crawling through tight single track the best thing to do for more porformance is get a pumper carburetor. If your racing then a header/muffler, holes in the air filter cover and pumper carburetor is the ticket. This setup will give you a lot more performance where you need it.

My plan was to keep the stock carb. then make holes in the air filter cover, bigger header.

Right now I have a WB E2 exhaust without spark arrestor installed and Twin-Air filter.

The jetting is: B53e needle in 3rd position, 175, 68s.

If i drill holes in the airfilter cover, then what about jetting together with the exhaust, and what if I keep the stock header??

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