2002 MXC520

Got my new ride and started break in this past weekend.

1. Sexy looking bike.

2. Smoooooth motor. Couldn't evaluate power as I was trying to keep RPM's low.

3. Suspension is outstanding for desert stuff.

4. That button. Had an XR600 for 7 years and really enjoy not having to kick like a chorus girl!

Will take out again next weekend for more break in, hope to twist that throttle a bit more then. So far very happy with the bike. Will let you know how things progress.

Congratulations on the new ride!

I sure love mine. Nice to be steathy quiet and WOW! fast :)

So far I've added an MSR skid plate and that's it! I'll get a mount for my Scott's dampner soon and maybe a "small" tank for track days :D

Call Lori at KTM of Mojave and get filters : www.ktmofmojave.com ( About 9 bucks for a set, rather than $30!)

Have fun with the new ride! :D


Chris in the Mojave

'01 520 MXC

'01 200 MXC

'00 CR250R

'01 KX85

I just received my 520MXC as well and love it. I switched to the big thumper from a CR250 and will never ride a 2-stroke again. The power is smooth, the suspension is fantastic, and the electric start is just plain cool.

My only complaints:

I'm 6'5" so the tank is a bit snug. My legs also rest close to the vents in the tank so there is a constant stream of hot air coming through from the radiators.

I missed second gear quite a few times and getting it into neutral is difficult. I've found neutral is easier to find from second gear.

The silencer and pipe junction burned the hell out of my pants. The BB Aluminum guard is a must have!

I'm going to a GP track this weekend. Should be fun.

I've only been out once on my new 02 520 MX/C, but I feel the same way about the tank.

So...I ordered the EX/C tank. I thought the SX tank might be a little small, and the fact that they EX/C tank is more transparant is a big plus for fuel up.

What GP track are you going to? I live in Orange County, and I'm looking for places to ride that are more GP style with less supercross jumps. I am planning on checking out the tracks at Glen Helen, Perris, and Elsinore. I just wish they would re-open the tracks at Saddleback. It was such a tease that they opened for Labor Day weekend and then were shut down for permit issues.

I hope they re-open soon.


If you are looking for a more GP-like track, I'd suggest Glen Helen. Elsinore has been built up lately and is very aggressive. Perris is middle of the road. They've got a good number of jumps, but most are easy on the body if you don't make it. I found out from personal experience on Sept 15th.

I've got a couple others going to GH this saturday morning. Maybe see you there. I'm #787 on either a 520SX or a CR500.



I'll be in Miami this weekend, but hopefully I'll be out at Glen Helen in the near future.

Thanks much for the tip about Elsinore.

I'm headed to Glen Helen this weekend. Carlsbad also has a GP track. It is real mellow and super fun.

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