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I have a 2000 520 sx and have changed the front springs already and have a problem bottoming out. I have a local supsension guy who will work on my bike but asked that I get the parts. Not wanting to sound dumb I didn't ask what parts I need to get. What do I need and where is the best place to get them mail order? Thanks in advance.

If your only problem is the fork bottoming then try raising the fork oil height 5 to 10 mm from stock. I went 10mm and used 7.5 Wt oil and it helped a bunch and stopped the bottoming problem except on big hits.


I'd find somebody else to do the work....

The "parts" required could be shims, seals, oil and other supplies. You can buy shims from White Brother's, but you'd need to know WHICH ones and that varies by how the tuner is going to set up the shim stack....I could go on, but the bottom line is anybody who know's what they are doing would have or would get what they need.



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I went to Bel Ray 15 wt oil in my 520SX with .46 springs, at I think 130mm oil height. I only bottom on very rare occasions anymore. Stock preload spacers.

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I agree with Chris In The Mohave... Find someone else to do the job.

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