Dip-stick dry after sitting - normal?

The WR has been sitting for a week on the kickstand.

The oil was changed 150 miles ago, but thought I would check the dip-stick today to see the color of the oil -- the dip-stick was "bone dry".

I don't recall if I ever checked it prior to warming it, I don't ever recall seeing it "bone-dry", but I don't want to warm it unless this is normal.

Please advise.


Normal. It's a dry sump engine, so the frame reservoir drains back into the sump after it sits. Run it for about 15 seconds and then check it. If after that there's no oil, then you've got a problem...SC

There's that old saying, "Been there, done that." It fits here. I about crapped all over my garage when I pulled the dipstick out and saw nothing. So being the smart guy I am, I put oil into the bike until it registered correctly. Then I found out the correct way to check the oil level. I was just a little over, say a quart or 2. I had to drain all that brand new oil out. Felt stupid but learned alot.

Another reason why you should read your manual. :D

Another reason why you should read your manual. :D


All of the above. :D

The manual says to run a full 3 minutes...

Yeah, I've read the manual. Also, I've always been confident it had oil; thus would warm it before checking.

However, it freaked me seeing the dip-stick so dry; and since I hadn't checked the oil in (2) months while rehabbing from a tree limb though my leg -- Just thought I'd ask.



SC is correct. The "sumping" phenomenon has been with dry sump Yamathumpers since the old TT500 days. I once dumped an extra quart of oil in my old SR500 roadracer and promptly experienced the Exxon Valdez oil spill in my pit when I fired it up. Embarrasing!

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