AMA Suzuki Dual Sport Events

Anyone ride these events? I have done a couple of these rides, there is a good one at the end of April in Eastern KY, 200 + miles of good trails ... April 28 and 29. I did this one last year and, being local, I was suprised with the trails they found to include for the event. The AMA site has some information on this if some of the east coast guys would like to try it. I will be there along with 3 other WR - YZ riding buddies. It would be fun to see some other T-Talk riders there...

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Where about in Kentucky, I grew up in Morehead, now live Indianapolis. I ride one in September in Southern IN. put on by Stoney Lonesome M/C Club same deal 100 mi day 2 days. It is also sponsered by AMA/Suzuki.

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