&%$#@!, i just go my 2002 426 out to go riding, it wouldn't start so i changed the plug it started right up. them we were riding for about 10min and stoped to see where my friend was and pulled the clutch in and it just died for no reson, started up and it did it again..........!!!!!!!!!!!??????????wtfwtfwtfwtfwtfwtfwtfwtfwtfwtfwtfwtfw!!!!

Possible fuel screw problem, I've seen some come real loose and had similiar problems.

leaking air in somewhere

I used to have problems like that all the time. Any chance you changed gas stations? Sounds like it may be bad gas. How long has it been sitting?

it jetted to ur powerbomb,ti4???

Could be a number of things, too large of a squirt of the accelerator pump, too high of a float level, wrong pilot, bad fuel. All of these will cause the problems you describe. How long have you owned the bike? How old was the fuel? Do you turn off the petcock when you kill the engine? (that one seems to help the most especially if you let it run out of fuel instead of hitting the kill button)

I second the bad gas. If not the gas, maybe some crud in the carb creating a blockage. There are a ton of things that might be contributing to your problem. Many of us are left with guessing in the dark. But at least you get some ideas. Try the easiest ideas first, and eliminate them one by one until you get to the hardest possibilities. Sometimes the simplest problems can cause the worst effects.. Good Luck

i took off the ti4 and powerbomb to go riding at my friends house(his mom thought it was to lould) and changed back the jetting. it only sat for a month and i put some new gas in it checked the fule screw it looks ok, thanks for the help

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