Best way to tweek rear fender on 01 BRP

I need help Iam adding a enduro taillight to the BRP What is the best way to tweek the sub frame so it all looks good. On the bike ? off the bike? Big hammer? Small Hammer? Love My Pig!


I take it off the bike and peen the two top bends on the left side of the sub frame taking out some of the bends. The front bend just a little more then the rear. This make the down supports hard to line up to put the mounting bolts in but, it pushes the subframe to the right and make it a ton more rigid. The left down support gets bent down more also. The ones I have straightened do not bend after some serious crashes. I also put a scissor jack and spread the subframe a little. There are a few tweaks I do once it's back on the bike using a small floor jack off the tire to make it perfect.

Thank you I will give it a try

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