To all dual sport riders

I am looking for an aggressive dual sport tire. I will be riding off road about 85% of the time, maybe more. I ride aggressively off road on single track trails and I want a tire that won't hamper my ability to ride tough technical off road terrain. I realize that there will have to be a slight compromise in order to run street legal tires but I want the tires to be as much off road oriented as possible and still be legal. Durability would be a big plus as well but not necessarily the main concern. I am currently running D756's front and rear and am very happy with them for off road only use.

I have been considering the Kenda Trackmaster II, Metzler MCE six day tire, Dunlop 606, and Pirelli M21. I have NO experience with any of these tires and I don't personally know anyone who uses dual sport tires. Any info on this subject would be appreciated.

By the way I am riding a 2000 KTM 200exc that I have converted for dual sport riding. This may not be the ideal dual sport bike but if I get into dual sporting as much as I would like, I will probably buy and convert a 400exc next.



I recently installed Kenda K270's, a 50% on/off road tire on my 640 LC4. The traction is very good even in muddy conditions. The tread design is similar to the Pirelli MT21's at less then half the price.

Hi all,

I am curently running the MT21 front and rear. The rear hooks up well and is predictable in most conditions except sand, I am using it on a 2002 XR4. Also works great on the road....The bad part in my opinion is it "chunks" really bad and wont last long. I have only three rides on it and looks like it is ready for the heap!

The front one works well also, doesnt wash out or turn in unpredictably

I have a pair of Dunlop 606's on my xr250......they suck,unless you are into racing slicks :)


'02 XR400,"Bold new grafics" (black seat top very hot :D B/D dual sport kit,Renthal bars,Rally gaurds,White Bros skid plate,K&N air filter,carb mods & Vortip exaust tip. more to come as the $$$ come in

I have Pirelli Mt21 rear and it seems to last well and has decent traction.

The Kenda K760 TrakMaster II is a Dunlop 752 copy...very inexpensive, wears evenly and gradually (no instant loss of all your knobs) and has about 75% of the performance...check one out on the rear....the fronts are not very nice...I used to use Dunlop K139 (DOT approved also), but is discontinued!

I had a set of MT21's on my XR400.

Very good tires.

Since they wore out, I went to the stocker Dunlops. 490 front, 695 rear.

I liked the MT21's better.

I'm now running the same 490 front and a Kenda 760 rear. I like this tire.

On my XR200, I have a new Dunlop 490 front and a new IRC 755 rear. The IRC tire seems a bit more squirrely than the Kenda.

My next front tire will be a Dunlop 739 or MT 21.





KTM400/520 EXC for Australian/NZ market has Bridgestone ED660/661 enduro tire set which is developed for dual sports. This is a street regal tire but looked like hard terrain MX tire.I have tried it on sandy, mud, hardpack trails and pavement. I am very satisfied with its grip, braking and durabilty. Bridgestone normally last longer than any other tires but its braking on pavement was not so good but ED660/661 set has very good braking capability even on pavement.

They use 140/80 for rear but I feel it is too wide and almost no slip at coners(No Fun!) with a bit slow response. I am going to try 110/100 for rear in the next time.

As Ho from Auckland NZ has correctly stated, it is very hard to go past the Bridgestone E660/661 combination. The pattern is very aggressive yet still retains street legal properties in most countries. Our tyre of choice is a Bridgestone ED78 or ED12. Both Tyres are very, very aggressive and have satisfactory on road qualities considering their design. Both are NOT street legal though. I have been getting in excess of 2,000 kms from the ED78. Not bad hey? Combine this with an ED11 front and you have the perfect combination.

Mick Wharton

KTM Trail Tours - Australia

Just put a six days tire in place of the MT21 my 2000 640lc4 came with on the rear. Much better tire off road. Have not had a chance to try it on road much yet. Been very impressed in sand and hard pack so far. Felt like I took 75lbs off the bike. Scott...

[ April 26, 2002: Message edited by: Scott E ]

Used to use the MT 21, then I switched to the Dunlop 606, a more durable tire, should last a long time, but will chunk after it begins to age and wear. All tires are compromises of some sort, so it really is up to the individual to determine what is best for him. IMHO.

I presently have the Metzler Karoo's mounted on my LC4. They are a good compromise for road and dirt riding. While not the best for off road, they aren't bad. I have a set of MT-21's that I'll be mounting next. They are a better off road tire, but not as good for street.


I've put around 1,000 miles on a set of Dunlop 606's F&R and really like then. They hold well on pavement and give notice when traction limits are about to be exceeded.



I may be out of line here, but......why not just put on what you'd use off road...never mind if they're DOT approved or not? I've done a fair amount of DS riding and I've never had any check my tires....and if they bad could it be?


I am currently running a set of the Bridgestone ED660/661 tires on my 640 LC4. They work well, I ride 50/50 road & trail. I'll be lucky to get 1,000 mi. on thh rear. I'll be able to run the same front tire through two rear's. I like the tires, and am willing to forgo short life for the off road performance.

As for installing non-dot tires on a dual sport, that works fine till inspection time, (if your area requires inspection). If not, that'd be a good way to go. Good luck

The Bridgestones do look good but pricey. Anyone know the difference between the ED660 and ED04 tires, other than twice the price?

I also like the Kenda Trakmaster as a rear tire. Too bad they don't make anything larger than a 120/80 size. The Kendas tend to come small. Their 120's are more equivalent to other's 110s.

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