fly wheel weight on 520SX?

I just want to know whether anyone knows what it would cost to put a flywheel weight on an 02 520SX. Please indicate approximate price, suggested weight, brand, and where to purchase. Also is there a direct bolt on or do you have to weld?



Steahly makes flywheel weights for just about all bikes on the planet. Usually they run less than $100 and is just a bolt on item that replaces the nut that holds your flywheel on and will come with a special little tool for taking them off and on. I can take mine off of my CR in about 2 minutes and reinstall about the same amount of time. If you are going to use the 520SX for woods riding, I would say go no heavier than a 10 oz weight. Any heavier could take away too much of the "snap." These bikes don't have a snap to begin with (just tons of torque) and going to heavy could cause you to wish that bike had more "get up and go" with quicker throttle response.

Flywheel weights are not available for RFS engines, either from Steahly or Aloop. Been there. Done that. No tee shirt to show for it.

Problem is flywheel is reversed compared to most bikes.

You might have better luck putting on a heavier flywheel from MXC/EXC model.

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Thank you quad runner! I did not know these things of which you speak. Like I said on an earlier post, I am very new to riding a KTM (about 3 weeks). Lots to learn as they are quite different from all f the Japanese bikes we own. Thanks again.

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