Met the L guys yesterday...

and contrary to popular belief they dont have third arms or horns or vaginas even :D

whats up Justice and Fuct how was the rest of your day? Hit some fun trails in the heat?

Still cant believe you guys ride as far as you do :D:D i'm actually scared to ride on the street


later on

Man...the canyon was hella fun yesterday!!! All told the ride was about 100mi on road and about 60mi offroading the single trails and fireroads. :eek:

We went up to the lookout and did some more tight runs then came out Buckman Springs, had a Burger in town and dual sported all the way home. Was a blast 4 sure and cool to have ran into ya and met you in the hills :D

I got mad shit from the ol HAG :D for riding all damn day, but well worth the sore ear:crazy: to match the saddle sore. Feeling great today! :D

Hey Mike diddin't you see my vagina at the Baja 500...or was it? Oh nevermind! Been meanin to email ya of which I will. How ya doin?


that was not a Latte in my Camelback...but I did put ice in my water....ha ha ha !!!


Your water has a color to it ? And riding in to get a bite to eat ! Thats the best !! Just try not to mud up the floor too much ! I thought I only get the ear full for being out all day ! :D

guess i wasnt looking close enough zooboy!

yup we gotta get down to Baja again, befor the 100 for sure

keep in touch

latte in the backpack? thats pushing it for an L guy even:p

I saw what you were drinking Mikey, and when I heard you coming up on me (on the single track)....we BOTH moved over so you could see the passing line.

ha ha ha

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