dual brake kit for WR426?

Does anybody know weather there's a Rekluse dual brake kit available for a WR426? And if not, did anybody managed to build one onto this bike with another brakecylinder or whatever?

I have seen one rider take the clutch cable and route it behind the rear brake master cylinder. He proceeded to weld a tab on the rear brake that extended rearward past the pivot mounting bolt. Then using the stock clutch lever he can apply the rear brake. The cable pulls up on the tab and activates the rear brake. The tab had about 3" of leverage to the pivot bolt and the 3/4" inch of cable travel seemed to work well. No overide clutch perch set up was the only bad issue with the set up. Dual levers would be a good way to go as per the new offerings by Rekluse. :D

That's a good idea, to use the clutch cable for "steering" the rear brake, but...is it strong enough to remote the rear-brake with a cable and why doesn't a 450 brake-kit fit to a 426 anyway?

that sounds like an awesome idea!!!

It is for supermoto

why not go hydraulic? there are set ups that come with a hydro line that threads into where the rear banjo bolt goes on the master cylinder.

but personally i would never give up my manual clutch. ever.

any idea where to get this set?

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