I recently bought a 2003 XR650R that was kitted out for long range desert work - IMS tank, larger sidestand, strengthened rear sub-frame, racks and tanks attached to the rear, etc. I've removed all the stuff and am in the processes of putting all the original bits back on. However, I have hit a snag. A vacuum pump hose ran from a connection after the rubber boot of the carb and before the engine block and went to the rectangular blob (pump) on the left side of the IMS tank. With this removed I'm just left with the connection on the bike as there is no return for the standard tank. Should this be blanked-off (was it originally?), if so what with?

If it's difficult to understand what I'm blathering on about I've taken pictures of the offending item and can e-mail them out.



You are talking about the vacuum hose that powers the IMS 7.0 gal tank vacuum fuel pump. I just put a plug into end of vacuum hose where it connected to fuel pump and then put small hose clamp over hose/plug to hold it all in place. This was convenient for me when I put the 7.0 tank back on. You could also rig up some type of plug into intake manifold. This was blocked off by factory on many 650Rs but on some such as California models there was a stock vacuum hose that ran to the Calif smog BS equip.

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