Rear tire 650l

Well it is that time again :D

My chin shein rear tire is worn out and I am looking for a replacement.

The chin was a fairly aggressive nobby which was nice (off road) while it lasted but I commute on the bike and it has only been 2k miles which IMO is not long enough. I desire to step up to a more durable tire for street use but still have some decent lateral traction in the dirt. I found This metzler which they use on the big BMW GS's.

Has anyone used these on their 650L or comparable DS? What did you think, etc.

Thanks in advance


Thats a pretty nice looking rear tire.

I just ordered a set of these

They are not too wide, but everyone that has them sure raves about them.

Which tyres?

that link was for Avon's home site with no specific product display

Thanks though for the reply


Check out

North America, Dual Sport then

Distanzia :D

I have run both the Pirelli M21's and the Dunlop 606's both DOT approved. I liked them both enough that I would literally toss a coin next time!


How long did the Kenda last On road?



Just put pirelli scorpions mt90s on my L love them so far. 90/10 but thats how I ride all slab.


How long did the Kenda last On road?



I made 2000 miles on my last k270 rear, I changed it cause there was no more grip in dirt but it could've lasted at least 1000 more miles of street use only.

I've switched to Kenda Trackmaster front and rear now.. much more agressive and still DOT! :D


That is aggressive :D:D

Crumb you could climb a tree with do they sell safety harness to hold the bike to the trunk while it climbs?


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