Help with add

Hey guys. I posted an 02 xr400 for sale in the Classifieds this morning and I can't find it. What did I do wrong? It even cost me $1.49 w/pics. Is it because I posted from my computer and I'm searching from the same computer? HELP!!


Come on, guys. I know it's a Honda, but I'm blue too :D

I could find my own adds. Believe me, I would do ANYTHING to help you sell that red thing :D . Better send one of the Brians a message.

OK, I have to ask. Who are the Brian's and how do I send them (him) a message? :D Thanks in advance :D

I remember I was selling a topclamp on ebay and I also listed it on TT in the classifieds, in my TT ad I had the link to the auction on Ebay, it was pulled instantly... I later found out that TT won't host your ad while you try to sell it somewhere else.. They feel that you should tell your "Brothers" about your stuff for sale before you list it somewhere else. They do have that rule written in the classifieds and I guess I should have know. The rule is a little weird but I guess I can understand.. Not sure if this senario fits yours but I just thought I'd let you know what happened to me... :D

Thanks for the help. It showed up today and it looks good. Check it out. Want to buy an xr?? HUH?? :D

only got one? damn i was hoping to complete my collection along with the beta video player i bought. can anyone copy a dvd onto beta for me.? does it come with flared bike pants? and big toed boots. can you supply a bag of air to take to cool it with? i think the xr buyers group meet in a phone box near here, and they have room for more there. got a time machine? go back ten years and there will be a que waiting.

shouldnt hang sh!t on the xr's . they are like fat drunk women, everyone had one once and had fun, but got rid of it before his mates saw.

Funny...Very f*@ken funny. So, tell me how you really feel.

Hell, I bet you couldn't even start one. :banghead:

yeah sorry i used to have an xr.........

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