orange peel

Mine did it, and they are warrantying it next week.

KTM warrantied all the seats in 2001 that were doing this. In 2002 they supposedly changed suppliers and material and said there wouldn't be any more problems with their seats. :)

I picked up my new 2002 520EXC Saturday, went riding Sunday, washed it Monday morning and guess what? Big giant bubble under the orange just like last year. :D

Last year KTM warrantied my original cover for a K-Style cover. I'm going to see if they'll do that again.

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after two rides on my 02 mxc 520 the clear plastic on the sides of the seat is separating from the orange underneath it creating a bubble. this has also happened to my buddies bike as well. anyone else experienced this? seems a little cheap to me!

Mine did the same thing. I've heard others have done the same thing and KTM might have warrantied them?

Complain, they should warranty it.


01 400 MXC

00 XR400

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