Who has 16mm and 18mm tripple clamps?

What did you think of them?

Did they make a big difference?

I'm running the Scotts 18mm clamps. Bike works great and the workmanship is outstanding. I never rode the bike stock so cannot comment on the difference from stock.


I'm in the same boat as Clark. I think the bike turns better than any of my other KTM's but I never ran it with the stock clamps. The Scott's pinch bolt design allows you to run triple clamp mounted inner BB mounts, too. A real plus for woods riders.


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Is there anyone that put the 16mm or 18mm clamps on after riding the bike with the stock clamps???

I need to put my scotts damper on but I hate to spend $130 on the mount if I will want the tripple clamps too. $350

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Just to throw another twist into the mix Emig Racing sells 22mm offsets and I've heard those are a great way to go. I say

use your money towards springs and valving and get your suspension working correctly

-if you don't like the bike still then consider triple clamps - my 02



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I have a 99 200 2-smoke (sorry). I took 5mm out of the sub frame ala MXA article which drops the rear end 20mm. I like the way this works. Seems to push less in corners. Back to the point at hand, I put the 50mm WP forks on this bike (it came with 45mm zokes). Does anyone know if an offset clamp is offered for the 50mm WP conventional fork?



I just got my suspension back from scotts. The ride is awesome as usual, George is a genius out there.

My problem is this, I have a Scotts damper, and need to put it on my 520 badly. It gets "SEVERE" fits of headshake at speeds above 70 mph. They have 2 options, the mount for the stock tripple clamp "$130"

or the new offset tripple clamps with mount "$350"

I would hate to spend $130 only to find out later that I want the tripple clamps.

You might want to call your suspention guy and ask him if the offset tripple clamps will efect your revalving also.

I have a 400sx with the Factory R&D 18mm offset tripleclamps. My bike gets nasty headshake when I'm railing down choppy straightaways in third gear topping out, and in 4th gear wide open, (especially at Glen Helen). I used to get a little less headshake with the stock trees, but the forks flexed more and the wheel would get twisted out of alignment(after the smallest of falls)all the time. I have a friend (very fast expert/pro) who is going to try the Emig 22's on his '02' 520sx and see just how much this will help the headshake. The tradeoff is that the steering is supposed to be a little slower, but that's what we'll have to test and see. The 520 steers slower due to rotating mass of the motor, so the 400 should turn even better. I'll keep you posted. Erik

I use the 16mm offset clamps and have yet to experience the head shake thing but then again I don't see to much of 5th and 6th gear. I did not put on a damper until my 4th race because it was not needed. I only put it on because everyone say they work great and everyone on the starting line has one. Sorry but never rode with stock clamps.


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I never did like the stock 20mm triple clamps. I put 16s on my 520 and never looked back. The effect is the bike feels less like a gyroscope. You do not have to heave it into corners. Intuitive and nimble are words that come to mind. Then again it's no RM 125. I rode mine back to back to an YZF 450 big bore. I think that the YZ has a tiny advantage in turning quickness while the KTM gets the overall high-speed stability


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Running the Hare Scrambles here at Pine Grove, I must say I am impressed with my 520SX's abilities. I have often wondered as well if the 16 or 18mm clamps would be of help. I have noticed a definite "no sir, I won't go inside" and a "forget jack-knife turning" tendancy in the bike though. She wants an outside line, but will go inside with some major muscling, and a bit of good luck. I was able to stuff the beast into a 140 or so degree turn and pass a 125, but it took alot of luck, and body english. I only wish I was as smooth all the time!! That pass will be a once in a lifetime thing though I suppose. smile.gif

Anyway, I have wanted to try the 16 or 18mm clamps, and I wonder if anyone would be willing to ship me their's. I would pay shipping both ways, obviously, and would be willing to ship my clamps to you in case you needed to have the bike together for something. I would only need them for one of our hare scrambles....then I would ship them back the next day. If anyone would be willing to do this, please let me know. I can give my pathetic opinions then - since I have been on stock since I bought the bike (obviously again).



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