How much should I ask? 650L

I have no idea of how much to ask for my 94 650L. It has 4750 miles and is in great shape. New MT21s, Clarke tank, jetted, Big-Gun quiet pipe. Clean and runs great. Any suggestions? I am in Sacramento, CA. Thanks for the help.

Ken :

A good way to gauge pricing is to go to Do a search for Hondas between $1,600 & $3,200, put in your zip and a 75 to 100 mile range (or geater) and see what shows up. :D Usually it's not what you think it's worth but what the market will allow and what people are expecting to pay for an older used bike. :D

Other than that you can expect to get between $1,700 & $2,300 for an eleven year old (XRL) bike in very good condition. :D

I will give it a try. Thanks. :D

Look at Ebay and see what similar bikes are selling for, (selling, not what the bids are). I would take all of the aftermarket stuff off and sell it seperatly, the aftermarket stuff always sells well on Ebay, and you will earn more money in the long run.


kelly blue book it.....i got my 1998 for 2 grand with about 1500 in mods.....7500 miles.....i would ask about 2 and take 18 or 17

I picked up a 94 with 9K miles in May for 1700.00 here in SF. Similar mods expcept a supertrap instead of the Big Gun

Done forget to check craiglist for prices.

man, i paid 300 more for a bike 4 years newer and 3000 miles less with more mods hehe

The biggest deciding factor, at least here in SoCal, is if it has a current registration. If the tags are up to date, and the bike is as clean as you say it is, then $3000 is not out of the question. List high and be willing to come down.

When I was looking for a used one last year, all the XR650Ls that were worth looking at were in the $2500 to $3000 range.

This was the major factor for me deciding to buy new. Why pay $2500 for a 10 year old bike with a questionable history when I could buy new for $2000 more.

Just my $.02.

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