Looking for MXC fuel tank

I have a 2001 520 Exc I use for dual sport riding.The bike works out well for gravel road & trail use but the tank is a bit small for longer trips. I am interested in finding an MXC tank in excellent condition. Might consider a trade for my EXC tank, but really depends on the condition of the MXC tank as my EXC tank is like new.


I have a mint condition MXC tank that I took off my 520 before I even rode it. Tank comes with petcock, gas cap and seat screw. E-mail me if interested, orangerider2001@yahoo.com

I have a MXC and was thinking about using a smaller tank are you interestet in selling your EXC tank and shrouds? If so you can e mail me at DPSUL@HOME.COM

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