Fastway Pegs

I just moved my foot pegs down to the low boy postion and really like how the bike rides. I am 5'11" tall with a size 10 boot. My problem is the shift lever feels to long now. I was wondering if any ones knows of a shorter shift lever for an 03 450 Thanks

I moved my footpegs back 1-1/2 inch and down 5/8 inch to accommodate my tall frame and had the same problem with the shifter. Then I looked for a shorter lever in the TT store but didn't see anything specific listed in the catalogs. I rotated the stock shifter downward 2 spline notches and this helped quite a bit. I plan on making my own shorter version when I get a chance. If all works out I'll post the results.

Sorry for the stupid question. You guys ARE talking about Fastway Pegs and not the stock pegs, right? If not, and I know I'll get flamed for this, but if you are talking about the stock pegs, how do I adjust them? :D

Please don't hurt me too bad........... :D:D


I may have confused you with my reply. Akrider has the fastway pegs, I have designed my own mounts to move the stock pegs back and downward to another location. I believe the fastways can be installed either in the stock position or the "lowboy" position by flipping the mounting hardware around. The only adjustment they have is the camber angle to make the pegs tilt up or down.

We both happened to notice that the shifter feels a little long when the pegs are moved back - that's all we're talking about.

OK. Thanks for clearing that up :D

I lowered the shifter on the spline but it's still to short. I guess I have to keep looking for a shorter one. I wonder if an after market one for a TTR 90 would work?

Might try snooping around a few dealerships with a tape measure to see what's out there.

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