Need help /w/ my fmf sci.

I wanna repack it and basically see how it can I take it apart and what rivets do i need to pop????

heres an image of what pipe I have:


(mines the "Q")

thanks alot,


I never repacked one of my thumper's cans, but did my son's 85 yesterday, opened it up from the pipe side. You need to warm it up with a heat gun to melt the sealing. Don't forget to put new heat resistant silicone in the seam when you put it back together.

thanks.....any 1 else care to post a pic of all thoes "internal baffles???"

No rivets to drill remove the Allen bolts and pull Get FMF premium 4 stroke packing :D

Correct no rivets, just loosen the 4 allen screws at the bottom of the canister where the pipe enters the canister. Then simply separate the canister from the pipe, I had to use a rubber mallet to tap it lightly being carefull not to distort the end of the canister until it was free. Then simply remove the canister and remove the old packing. Then replace it with "FMF PERFORMANCE PILLOW PACKING" made specifically for the "Q" series. The packing is all ready just wrap it around the core and slide the canister back on. Before you are all the way there place a small bead of high temp. ATV silicone around the end of the pipe bracket that the canister mounts to, (where your 4 bolt holes are located) and slide onto the pipe bracket sealing the canister to the pipe. Replace your 4 allen screws and wipe away the excess silicone and wait the 24 hr. drying period for the sealant before mounting. I know because i just did it this weekend and it was a snap. Also you do not remove the end cap there is no reason to.

Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ride on

thanks man...HUGE help!!

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